Thailand with Phuket & Krabi

6 Days

Thailand, renowned as the “Land of Smiles,” captivates travelers with its enchanting blend of vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich heritage. From the bustling markets of Bangkok, adorned with ornate temples and modern skyscrapers, to the tranquil beauty of its tropical islands and pristine beaches, Thailand offers a diverse range of experiences. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality, savor the tantalizing flavors of Thai cuisine, explore ancient ruins and lush jungles, or indulge in rejuvenating wellness retreats. With a tapestry of experiences that cater to every interest, Thailand stands as a captivating destination that seamlessly marries tradition and modernity, promising an unforgettable journey for every traveler.


The Phuket & Krabi tour package beckons with an enticing blend of tropical splendor and cultural discovery. From the bustling streets and vibrant markets of Phuket to the serene beaches and iconic limestone cliffs of Krabi, this journey weaves together the best of both worlds. Bask in the golden sunsets, partake in exhilarating water activities, and savor the delectable flavors of Thai cuisine. Whether it’s exploring ancient temples or lounging on pristine shores, this package invites you to immerse yourself in the unique charm of these two distinct destinations, creating an unforgettable adventure that captures the heart and spirit of Thailand.


  • Krabi 04 island long tail boat with lunch
  • Phi Phi Island tour with Lunch by Big Boat
  • Phuket city tour with big buddha
  • Tiger Kingdom Visit Phuket


Upon landing at Phuket Airport, travelers are greeted by a warm tropical breeze as they disembark the aircraft. The airport's modern architecture and bustling atmosphere provide an initial taste of the vibrant Thai culture. After swiftly navigating through immigration and baggage claim, a friendly driver holding a placard with the guest's name awaits in the arrivals hall. The journey to Krabi Hotel commences, offering picturesque views of lush landscapes, palm-fringed roads, and glimpses of the Andaman Sea. As the vehicle navigates the route, passengers can anticipate the forthcoming coastal adventure, eagerly awaiting the serene haven that awaits them at their Krabi Hotel, promising relaxation and exploration amidst Thailand's natural splendor.

Embark on a captivating Krabi adventure with the Krabi 04 Island long-tail boat excursion, a journey that promises a day of exploration and wonder. Departing from the picturesque shores, the long-tail boat cruises over the turquoise waters, offering breathtaking vistas of limestone cliffs, emerald waters, and pristine beaches. The itinerary unfolds like a dream as you hop from island to island, each with its unique charm – from the vibrant marine life of Chicken Island to the awe-inspiring rock formations of Tup Island. Amidst the tranquility and beauty, a delectable lunch is served on board, allowing you to savor the flavors while surrounded by nature's splendor. However, please note that the National Park fee is excluded from the package, ensuring that this enchanting journey is not only memorable but also respectful of the natural treasures you encounter along the way.

As the sun sets on your unforgettable stay in Krabi, it's time for the next chapter of your journey to begin. With bags packed and memories in tow, you bid farewell to the tranquil haven of Krabi Hotel. Awaiting you is a seamless transition as you embark on a comfortable transfer to your Phuket Hotel. The scenic route reveals glimpses of coastal charm and lush landscapes, offering a taste of the diverse beauty that Thailand holds. Whether it's the anticipation of new adventures or the comfort of familiarity, the journey to your Phuket Hotel directly ensures that your travel narrative continues with ease, promising relaxation and discovery in equal measure.

Embark on a captivating journey to Phi Phi Island aboard a spacious and comfortable Big Boat, ensuring a day of scenic beauty and aquatic exploration. This shared-in-coach (SIC) adventure offers a hassle-free experience as you cruise through the azure waters. Take pleasure in a delectable lunch served on board, allowing you to savor local flavors amidst the stunning seascape. Please note that the National Park fee is not included in the package. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Phi Phi Island, creating memories that will linger long after the journey's end.

Embark on an enriching Phuket city tour that seamlessly blends cultural exploration and exhilarating encounters. Your adventure unfolds with a visit to the majestic Big Buddha, an iconic symbol perched atop Nakkerd Hill, offering panoramic vistas of the island's landscape. The journey then takes a thrilling turn as you step into the world of Tiger Kingdom, where you have the extraordinary opportunity to interact with these magnificent creatures in a controlled environment. From the serene spirituality of Big Buddha to the heart-pounding awe of being up close with tigers, this tour encapsulates the diverse facets of Phuket, ensuring an unforgettable day of cultural immersion and adrenaline-fueled excitement.

With your time in Phuket drawing to a close, the transition from hotel to airport becomes a bridge between cherished memories and onward journeys. As you bid farewell to the comforts of your hotel, a transfer awaits to whisk you away to Phuket Airport. The familiar landscapes and vibrant streets now hold a touch of nostalgia, while the anticipation of what lies ahead blends with a sense of gratitude for the experiences you've gathered. The journey to the airport, though brief, becomes a reflective passage, symbolizing the culmination of your Phuket adventure and the beginning of new horizons.

Package Inclusions


  • 02 Nights stay at Krabi with Breakfast.
  • 03 Nights stay at Phuket with Breakfast.
  • Transfer from Phuket Airport to Krabi Hotel on PVT Basis.
  • Krabi 04 island long tail boat with lunch on SIC Basis. (Excluding NPF)
  • Transfer from Krabi Hotel to Phuket Hotel on PVT Basis.
  • Phuket city tour with big buddha + Tiger Kingdom on SIC Basis.
  • Phi phi Island big boat with lunch on SIC Basis. (Excluding NPF)
  • Transfer from Phuket Hotel to Phuket Airport on PVT Basis.
  • All tours & Transfers on sic basis.


  • Cost of On Arrival Visa Charges (approximately THB 2000 per person)
  • Expenses of personal nature such as tips, telephone calls, laundry, liquor, etc.
  • Anything which is not specified in Inclusions
  • Rates are subject to availability at time of confirmation
  • Early Check-In & Late Check-Out
  • Rates for Single Person is valid for minimum of 2 Adults travelling together


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